Start using your Novation Launchpad with Traktor Pro 2.

Similar functionality to a Kontrol S4 at a fraction of the cost and weight.

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Remix Grid

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Works with Launchpad, Launchpad S, and Launchpad Mini. Original and MK2.

Traktor Pro 2
Remix Grid

Perfect Integration

Perfect Integration with Traktor Pro 2. Comes with an emulated crossfader, volume monitor and controls, playlist navigation, hotcues, and looping.

Mixer Available

4-Deck mixer available so you have full control over the music. It adds control over individual track levels and headphone monitoring.

FX Grid Available

The FX Grid resembles 4 MIDI Fighters side-by-side, one for each deck. Doing this with MIDI Fighters would cost $800.

A Better Choice

Affordable and lightweight compared to controllers like the Kontrol S4. Save money without giving up performance.

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Only works on MK1 devices. MK2 versions coming soon!